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CivicAtlasTM is a cloud-based web and mobile software system to allow business and government access to province-wide current municipal land-use policy data with ease and accuracy. One screen tells all about a property and its surroundings. CivicAtlasTM by efficiently sharing data and knowledge, will revolutionize the way different levels of government collaborate and how government interacts with its constituents and business.

CivicAtlasTM is an integrated view of municipal land-use information combining official plans and zoning regulations and connecting them to a property boundary map through an easy-to-use interface. The CivicAtlasTM vision is to consolidate land-use data into a single system, including: current development and building permit applications, environmental and watershed regulations, current and past municipal landuse studies and reports, provincial policy statements and acts, demographics, traffic counts and properties for sale or lease on municipal lands and on privately owned lands with realtor participation. With the further cooperation of municipalities, all public documents requiring amendments to planning regulations and for development approvals initiated by proponents will become accessible, thereby strengthening the transparency of the planning system for the benefit of the general public and the development industry.


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