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NewsAtlas - DRIFT

The ‘Drift’ mobile application evolved out of and is based on our NewsAtlas technology.  

News Atlas is a cloud-based web and mobile technology developed by the Centre for Community Mapping (COMAP) and the University of Waterloo Computer Systems Group (UWCSG).  NewsAtlas technology, which has evolved over a decade of research and development, is intended to enable multiple like-minded local organizations to publish locative media that offers location-based content, events, audio tours and self-guided tours that link stories with the local urban and rural landscape.

Chloe Doesburg and Jonathan Tyrrell of Track Toronto (TrackTO) have worked with COMAP to create the DRIFT App,  for the Arts, Culture, Heritage, Events and urban planning information for the City of Toronto. TrackTO has introduced and coordinated with many Toronto-based organizations and agencies who have agreed to share their data via the DRIFT content management website and the DRIFT App. TrackTO created the graphic branding for DRIFT and participated in the design of the user interface and system functionality. WIDEAtlas and TrackTO have agreed that the DRIFT brand will also be used in other municipalities and regions as the project grows.

DRIFT enables local organizations to reach a broader audience and share resources, while also making it easier for new groups to start sharing their content.   DRIFT will offer the user a selection of searchable content in map and list views. By combining multiple content sources into a single App, a user will only need to install one App to access content, events, tours and places of interest from multiple sources. The DRIFT system is intended to be inclusive, holistic, community-based and community-driven.

Drift enables users to explore the city in a whole new way. It offers access to a variety of events, experiences and content organized by location. It allows users to filter what they see to suit their interests and tap into in-depth local knowledge. Drift can notify users when their near something of interest.

DRIFT offers unique perspectives on what’s nearby. Experiencing stories in the places that inspired them unlocks a deeper appreciation of place and the myriad voices that populate the city. Users can discover new places and rediscover those they thought they knew.










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