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The Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation (MNCFN) and COMAP are developing services that will enhance the capacity of the MNCFN community to:

  • Build a spatial database of their cultural heritage and environment
  • Respond to, manage and benefit from the impacts of land infrastructure and resource development in their traditional territory
  • Reveal their history and connection to the lands for the edification of the general public

The pilot system, called Dreamcatcher, will have the following attributes:

  1. A spatial and document database with secure map and mobile GPS content contribution services to enable the MNCFN and their researchers to capture, delimit spatially and substantiate sites and landscapes valued by MNCFN. (Including, but not limited to: MNCFN traditional territory, MNCFN land claims, reserve lands, sacred grounds, resources used for traditional purposes, current resource use information, archeological sites of significance to the MNCFN, cultural heritage archival and community narrative information, constraint mapping which buffers areas of identified significance and access to open data services for ecosystem data maintained by external organizations for environmental modeling research.)
  2. A secure web service that proponents can access to register and enter their contact information, enter details for their proponent proposals and upload digital versions of supporting documentation and spatial information (shape­files) to a searchable spatial document management system.
  3. A mapping facility with highly resolute imagery, selectable thematic layers, and facilities for the import of proponent spatial data; that enables the MNCFN and their researchers to comprehend implications of proposals in the spatial context of valued sites and landscapes and ecosystem information. A spatial negotiation service that enables and captures consultations with shapefile revisions by the MNCFN and proponents.
  4. Workflow dash-board services that order, track and schedule the manage­ment, communications and documentation for each proponent proposal.
  5. An administration service that provides role-based access to data, workflow and mapping publication services and community forum services for internal discussions relating to proponent proposals and valued sites and landscape information.

Dreamcatcher will form the foundation of a for-profit service for First Nation communities through at venture to be called AboriginalAtlas  for the benefit of the MNCFN and client First Nation communities.











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